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We are pleased to launch this website designed exclusively for Parker employees and their families who have their health insurance through Parker and are eligible for Parker's Wellness & Preventive Medicine Program benefits.

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Important Information Regarding Ordering Supplements

Your Parker Wellness Benefits Program includes coverage for the high quality supplements you will find on this store.  We are proud to offer this great selection of the best products available on the market today at the cost of your 20% copay, and, we do all the paperwork for you.  


Please be aware of the following required guidelines with regard to ordering and reimbursement for purchasing from this store. 


1.  While we do our best to keep up with Parker’s coverage for supplement items, should an item become non-covered by the program, as with any insurance program, you are ultimately responsible for payment. 


2.  It is your responsibility to determine if you or a family member purchasing on this store are currently eligible for coverage under the Parker Wellness Benefit.  If you are not sure, please click here to confirm eligibility for you and your covered family members.  If you order products and are not eligible, you are responsible for payment.


3.  Where specified, you must include the name and the date of birth for the person for whom you are ordering.  This applies to items that are identified as gender and/or age specific.


4.  You can only order up to a 90-day supply of each supplement at a time.  Please be mindful of the last time you ordered so you are tracking your orders.  You will be responsible for payment for any items that are over the 90 day supply rules that Parker has put into place.


If you need advice about any health concern you have or in selecting the right supplements for your unique needs, please click here to request a supplement review with one of our doctors.  We are here to help.

Wellness Evolution

Wellness Evolution works with corporations, individuals and referring physicians to help enhance quality of life, increase productivity and vitality and reduce the incidence of illness. We are your reliable single source for preventive medicine consulting, wellness education, natural therapies, stress management, nutrition and strategic dietary supplementation.

Our Wellness 101™ Programs, custom branded wellness solutions, services and products provide you with the skills, knowledge, services and products that help you, your families and your professional team achieve optimal health and vitality.

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